Tom van Veelen is the man behind Tomcio. As an artist, DJ and experienced producer he has a huge knowledge of music. No matter what style it is, old or new, he gives each track his own spice. His productions are supported by DJ’s from all over the world. Tom is a passionate person who deserves the highest range and biggest audience as a DJ and producer.

Latest hot tracks

Pilleke (Original Mix)

Tomcio & Gfox

R&B Classic EP


Live @ 7th Sunday 2015


Feel So Good


She Wants To Move

(Tomcio Remix)


(Tomcio Remix)

Pum Pum (Sexy Body)

(Tomcio Remix)


(Tomcio Remix)

Tomcio is a energetic, innovative and spontaneous DJ. He has a fresh view on music and is always up to date on what’s new hot and spicy. With Tomcio behind the decks you’ll have a floorfilling vibe that suits everywhere!

Tomcio Tweets

Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL For all those latin lovers, my new remix for zoowow_ & @rockywellstack is out now!… 1 day ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL We verhuizen de studio gewoon naar buiten. 😎 #focus #voorbereidingen #hothothot #summer2016 4 days ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL Coming very soon on officialstacked records #officialremix #stacked #pabloescobar 1 week ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL Just hangin' out with my posse 📸 #posse #sunnyday #justforfun #hangingout 2 weeks ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL Just hangin' out with my posse 📸 #posse #sunnyday #justforfun #hangingout 2 weeks ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL Follow me daily 'behind the scenes'. Just screenshot this image on Snapchat! #snapchat 3 weeks ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL Working on a new official remix. Just enjoying this on my way to the office #cumbia 4 weeks ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL Altijd leuk met kittynendels behind the decks! Zometeen afsluiten op zandenzo in Erp #zandenzo 4 weeks ago
Tomcio Tomcio @TomcioNL Mag ik een baco voor deze legend graag! @TheDarkraver #tbt #darkraver #tomcio #baco 5 weeks ago